Friday, April 22, 2011

Dining out in Port Moresby

The question I am most often asked by friends and family back home...."what is it really like to live in Port Moresby?". Given that POM was recently ranked last on the places to visit in 2011, I thought I might give you a window in on what it is really like living in POM.

A few weeks ago Claudia was voted by her class mates to the Student Representative Council. She received her badge on assembly/parade and that night we decided to take her out to celebrate

The restaurant of Claudia's choosing for the night was Daikoko's - a Japanese Tappanyaki bar.

I love the feel of the place, all the timber, stainless stell and pottery are so different to the rest of Moresby.

It was looking pretty good at step 1...

Haydn loved the reflection of our chef on the teppan plate

The kids are so good with chopsticks now that they even eat their rice with them.

It seemed a tragedy to see fillet steak cut up into cubes instead of left whole, but the end result was sensational!

Here are Shane's praws about to get a dose of fire...

Of course the flames really got the kids attention.

Our chef...what a star.

So that was our night out in Moresby for Claudia's celebration.

Life here for us is surprisingly normal...mostly.

Happy Easter.

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