Friday, March 20, 2009

My blog holiday is over

I have been away from my blog for weeks and weeks - sorry to those that check in from time to time.

The business that started on the 1st of Feb has just had its 100th order. I am overjoyed with the success so far. People really do want good old fashioned grassfed beef.

Then there has been my day job at the Bank - incredibly fun lately but so many hours writing paper after paper. Love that work can be this fulfilling. Sydney each week for a day or two is challenging to balance but exactly what I need to keep me thinking ahead.

Haydn started rugby league - first game last weekend. He says he "smashed em up" but really he got the ball and ran outside the field to get away from the opposition.

Claudia has a calf to raise - Tilly. A gift to her from our very good friends Don and Keryn. Claudia is such a natural mother and trainer of animals. She has "saddled" Tilly up already and intends to ride her sometime soon.

We also bought another farm about 15 minutes away that we are going to move into in about a month. Fully irrigated and right on the Brisbane River. Cant wait.

I have also started studying my Masters again in International and Community Development. Finding it tough going to fit it in but lovin it all the same.

till next time!
Farmer Bub