Thursday, December 31, 2009

The big questions and the simple answers

Having a few days off in the sun and making tremendously hard decisions like what should we eat and where is my towel...has led my mind to wander to the big questions.

What do I want in this life?

The answers are simple and dont feel idealistic in this holiday mode I'm in.

1. I want to live in interesting places and meet interesting people
2. I want to give all that I have (especially my time) to Claudia and Haydn
3. I want to be healthy and happy.

My life though doesnt reflect the 3 most important goals...far from it. I have managed to be a junkie for a far too busy life as the balance for "settling down" in one place. I have dived right in to the world that is obligation - feeling like I have to do this and that rather than doing what I love using my happiness meter as my guide. How did it happen?

My list of 3 feels perfect, feels like it deserves a plan of action. Achieving these goals is going to mean making some new choices and undoing some old decisions. It feels exciting, like we are on the tip of a precipice about to be pushed out to fly. The thought alone is thrilling.

As I noodle through my action plan I am sure many uncomfortable confrontations will arise including facing old decisions as failures. I'm ready for that but I am sure it will still be a challenge.

So to 2010 - I really really cant wait!

Happy New Year

Sunday, August 23, 2009

PNG here I come!

Quick update:

  • Last day as a banker, 30th June 09
  • Bought butchershop in Kilcoy, 31st July 09
  • Started Progress + Prosperity Consulting
  • Working 7 days a week in the butchershop for last 3 weeks
  • Going to PNG tomorrow (24/08/09) for 2 weeks consulting work in the Southern Highlands. Can't wait to get back to it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My blog holiday is over

I have been away from my blog for weeks and weeks - sorry to those that check in from time to time.

The business that started on the 1st of Feb has just had its 100th order. I am overjoyed with the success so far. People really do want good old fashioned grassfed beef.

Then there has been my day job at the Bank - incredibly fun lately but so many hours writing paper after paper. Love that work can be this fulfilling. Sydney each week for a day or two is challenging to balance but exactly what I need to keep me thinking ahead.

Haydn started rugby league - first game last weekend. He says he "smashed em up" but really he got the ball and ran outside the field to get away from the opposition.

Claudia has a calf to raise - Tilly. A gift to her from our very good friends Don and Keryn. Claudia is such a natural mother and trainer of animals. She has "saddled" Tilly up already and intends to ride her sometime soon.

We also bought another farm about 15 minutes away that we are going to move into in about a month. Fully irrigated and right on the Brisbane River. Cant wait.

I have also started studying my Masters again in International and Community Development. Finding it tough going to fit it in but lovin it all the same.

till next time!
Farmer Bub

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Dad and Claudia - busy taking time out
Life is just so kind to me...I always seem to have plenty to do and just enough time to get all the important stuff done.

The global financial crisis is certainly providing me with ample opportunity to fill my days. The life of a Banker is certainly full of things to do - really important things revamping strategies that were perfectly fine six months ago that are now no longer quite so promising. Trimming (that means slashing in bank terms) expenses and creating ingenious ways to secure this years forecast revenues. Such delightful days spent in the big smoke, doing my bit to be optimistic about an economy that seems destined to grind to a halt.

Then there is the host of hours spent fixing flood gates, keeping calves branded up, buying cattle, keeping the book work up to date, fixing flood gates again (not complaining we love the rain) and generally making sure that all the bovine, ovines and equines are happy and healthy. As luck would have it the farm work is just growing by the minute with my vegetable garden sprouting weeds daily. Unlike the world of finance, the farm is definitely in summer growth period. No downturn here.

Of course, this time of the year, I have the promise of covering school books, labelling pens and uniforms, organising lunch boxes and school bags/hats/drink bottles and the list goes on. Back to school really should be translated as the best reason of all for me to have plenty to do! Haydn will be in Year 1 and the big girl, Claudia in Year 4.

Add to the above mix, the start of our brand new business, and I am brimming with jobs to do.

Instead of complaining I am relishing my luck that I get to be busy - the opposite is far worse.

I hope your life is busy too.

all the best
Farmer Bub

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Sunset for me is the start of many new imaginings

This is the rich red sunset, moments before setting on Christmas eve....

Haydn, with all his six year old wisdom, announced that it was God painting the sky as a special present for us.

For me:

1. Down to Sydney tomorrow to face never ending meetings where inevitably there will be some blood on the dance floor (hopefully not mine). The colours feel a bit angry.


2. Strong. Signalling my strength and ability to burst thru the doors of tomorrow's dawn.


3. The background hills are so peaceful and rolling - reminding me of a common picture I drew when I was little.


4. Rain coming. Millet that we dry planted about to get a good soaking and then strike. YEAH!!


5. Just magical. My brother's life. Uplifting, courageous and inspiring but too fleeting. Simply brilliant and then simply gone. Forever.
Yep - this sunset mostly reminded me of him. Ten years does nothing to dim his memory.

all the best
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