Friday, December 19, 2008

IDA - The Wonder Horse

I havn't blogged in the longest time and its all because of Ida (My Wonder Horse). I bought her earlier this year and for many months she wouldnt even let me pat her. I fed and rugged her thru the winter and slowly, ever so slowly she let me pat her. She returned my friendship in spadefulls as the weeks wore on (I think she realised persistence is my middle name) and we really bonded as only an arab mare and her owner can.

I could catch her out in the paddock and everytime I was out and about she would look up and come over to be near me if she could. I was pretty sick earlier this year and Ida really gave me the physical and emotional outlet I didnt know I needed. She was my Wonder Horse - giving me strength I didnt know I had. In addition to all her loveliness mixed with a fair amount of aloofness, she also turned out to be pretty handy around cattle and on my last ride with her, I was pretty impressed.

Dad found her dead in her paddock on the 27th of November. We dont know the reason though it looks like snake bite. She was only six year old and in perfect health. Her death has hit me hard. Horse lovers will appreciate the connection we develop and the 'mind reading' that your horse does with you and you with them. I miss her too. I feel a bit lost without her.

Ida I have decided came into my life for a reason to help me cope with a loss of my own and to show me how much I missed the freedom of riding and the love of a horse. She also pricked my memory of the other really special horses I have been lucky enough to love: Lizard, Miss Prim, Joker, Red Spur, Red Silk, Fab, Master - all of them have left an indelible impact on my life.

I would love to hear from you about the animals you have loved and lost. What was it about them that wormed its way into your heart like Ida did with me?

As one chapter closes another begins...I have finally got the courage to begin my own business selling beef direct from our farm. Check it out at